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Welcome to the Mirakel Optical Company. The year 2018 marks our 95th consecutive year as a binocular dealer. We have never been anything else - we know our binoculars and telescopes! We also service all makes and models of binoculars and telescopes.

In 1923 Mirakel started selling and servicing optics. Over the years we became very selective about which suppliers we would handle - we had to be sure we could inspect each and every binocular and reject unsatisfactory items or shipments. Our suppliers also had to import spare parts, so that anyone who purchased a binocular from Mirakel knew they could always have it.

We invite you to request our printed catalog. When you do, you'll also receive the 12 page booklet Know Your Binoculars. To request a catalog, email your name and address and we'll send it right out to you.

When you look through our catalog you will notice it is different from most. Not every item that our suppliers sell is included. If an item cannot, in our opinion, remain fully functional, with few problems over its lifetime, then we will not carry that item. Even we cannot predict the long term durability of all binoculars, given the different conditions and treatment they will receive. But the choices in our catalog have proven themselves and we back-up every item in our catalog with our world famous warranty.

Every instrument purchased from Mirakel is warranted for one year

Sounds simple but the Mirakel code tells us to listen to the people, review our records for a durability trail and if necessary, replace the Binocular. We have done this in the past and will always do so. The instruments that leave our shop also include something found nowhere else - our fully checked Gold Owl. This trademark means that not only the alignment, but everything on the binocular was checked. Being a dual service organization allows us to correct any flaws. You are the reason for our 95th year. Thank you.

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