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- Specials -
  Size   Qty Price
    Bushnell Legend Binocular 8x32 $249.50
8x42 $259.50
10x42 $269.50
    Bushnell Hemisphere 8x25 $74.50
    Bushnell Spacemaster   $299.50
            Bushnell Legacy 8x42 8x42 $99.50
     Car Window Mount $34.50
      Swarovski Tripods $219.50

- Used Items -    
  Size   Quantity Price
    Swift Telemaster Scope 15-60x $200.00
    Simmons 60mm zoom scope 20x-60x $199.50
    Bushnell Spacemaster 22x $89.00
    Orion Star Max Compact Telescope 102mm $350.00
    Bausch & Lomb Elite 10x42 10x42 $749.50

- Accessories -     
   Quantity Price
    Optech Comfort Strap      $14.95
     Optech Harness Strap          $14.95
     Link Braid Harness Strap    $9.95
     Traditional Leather Neckstrap    $7.95
     Minox Wind Watch    $99.50
     Bogen Strap    $16.00
     Replacement Eyecups    $64.50
     Cleaning Cloth    $4.95
     Lens Pen    $13.00
     Car Window Mount    see specials

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